CMDB Integrations with The Claroty Platform

Claroty’s Configuration Management Database (CMDB) integrations equip customers with unified visibility and streamlined security workflows across their IT and OT environments.


Cisco Identity Services Engine Integration with Claroty CTD

This fully integrated solution combines, Claroty’s advanced visibility, and real-time monitoring technology for OT networks, with Cisco Identity Services Engine (ISE) and Firepower–to extend visibility.


The Claroty Platform

The Claroty Platform, comprised of our Continuous Threat Detection (CTD), Enterprise Management Console (EMC), and Secure Remote Access (SRA) systems, provides an agentless solution for OT environment security.


OT Cyber Threat Landscape, Q1 2020

The first several months of 2020 have brought forth numerous notable events and complex threats of great significance to industrial enterprises, critical infrastructure, and other organizations that rely on OT networks.

Claroty & CMDB: Why Integrate?

Extend your existing CMDB use cases from IT to OT

These integrations automate the population and maintenance of a CMDB with complete OT asset details including:

  • Vendor, product family & model 
  • Asset type 
  • Firmware 
  • IP & MAC addresses
  • Risk & criticality

Claroty CTD automatically identifies exact-match vulnerabilities in OT assets and creates context-rich tickets within CMDB solutions, enabling effective and efficient prioritization and remediation.

Claroty CTD’s five threat detection engines continuously monitor OT networks. Triggered alerts are populated in the CMDB, scored, and either resolved automatically or ticketed for further evaluation.

CMDB Partners

Claroty Integrations

What is the IT-OT cybersecurity gap?

Digitalization is transforming enterprises, connecting once-isolated OT networks to their IT counterparts. IT security teams are increasingly expected to protect these converged IT-OT networks, but since the OT portions of such networks comprise assets and protocols incompatible with IT security tools, they are largely invisible to IT security teams.

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How do Claroty integrations bridge this gap?

Claroty integrations make otherwise incompatible IT security tools suitable for OT security, enabling you to extend your existing IT security controls, capabilities, and workflows to your OT environment. The result is unified IT-OT security and visibility with a low TCO, no learning curves, no complex deployments, and no need for additional staff.

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