Enterprise Management Console

Claroty Enterprise Management Console (EMC) is a centralized interface that aggregates data from all Claroty products, displaying a unified view of the entire OT environment.

Enterprise Management Console

Enterprise Management Console is the single pane of glass which aggregates and consolidates all the data Claroty products generate.

Gartner's OT Security Best Practices

With the increase in Operational Technology devices being connected to IT networks, the need to update security approaches and strategies is becoming more necessary.

The Claroty Platform

The Claroty Platform, comprised of our Continuous Threat Detection (CTD), Enterprise Management Console (EMC), and Secure Remote Access (SRA) systems, provides an agentless solution for OT environment security.

The EMC Difference

Correlate real-time IT-OT data in one interface

The EMC dashboard consolidates data from Claroty products at multiple sites, showing their assets, activities, and alerts. This data can be configured into reports and used for investigative purposes.

SIEM, SOAR, and other IT solutions integrate with the Claroty Platform via the EMC. This simplifies OT security, enabling customers to extend their existing IT security tools into their OT environment.

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Claroty Enterprise Management Console

EMC is built on an intuitive, OT-centric interface for users to quickly obtain security information from across multiple sites.

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