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APAC ICS Cybersecurity Roadshow

July 31- September 3, 2018

Thailand and Vietnam

Join Claroty's Vijay Vaidyanathan as he travels Thailand and Vietnam to meet with industrial companies about their ICS cybersecurity

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Foxboro Schneider's User Group Meeting

August 6-9, 2018

San Antonio Texas

Come to Claroty's exhibit booth to learn how we help secure Schneider environments.

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DEF CON ICS Village at the Flamingo Hotel

August 9-12, 2018

Caesar's Palace, Las Vegas

Claroty is the ICS Village's monitoring and threat detection system at DEF CON in the Flamingo Hotel. We hope you stop by for the hands-on ICS Cybersecurity 201 workshop, CTF competition and to hear Amir Preminger's presentation.

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KBCM 20th Annual Technology Leadership Forum

August 12-14, 2018

Vail, Colorado

Galina Antova will be joining the KBCM Technology Leadership Forum, bringing a fresh awareness of unique cybersecurity challenges faced by industrial firms.

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14th Annual EnergySec Security & Compliance Summit

August 27-29, 2018

Anaheim, CA

Association des EXploitants d'Equipements de mesure, de Régulation et d'Automatismes

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Past Events

ISC(2) Hong Kong

Hong Kong

Join Claroty's session with Dave Weinstein speaking on the state of ICS security at this premier educational event.

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Singapore Intl Water Week, Israeli Pavilion


Claroty's SEA Business Manager Gregory Chng will join colleagues to discuss how Claroty secures critical water infrastructure against cyber threats.

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SINET Innovation Summit 2018

New York

Joining SINET's Innovation Summit will be Galina Antova in the Times Center, New York.

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Fargo, North Dakota

Claroty's strategic director Brian Richwine will join colleagues in Fargo, North Dakota to share Claroty and Rockwell's joint security service and many oil & gas use cases.

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Siemens User Group

Marco Island, Florida

Join Claroty at this spectacular beachside setting for Seimens' 2018 Automation Summit and User Group. Patrick McBride will be speaking for Claroty.

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ReThink Cyber 2018 Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv, Israel

Join Claroty at the 3rd Annual Rethink Cyber event in Tel Aviv. The official opening event for Israel's Cyber Week begins Monday, June 14 at the 7pm Welcome Dinner and concludes June 20 with the breakfast sendoff.

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Achema Process Industry

Frankfurt, Germany

Patrick McBride joins Rockwell at Achema Process Industry event in Frankfurt, Germany

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Rockwell TechED

San Diego, CA

Claroty's Katherine Brocklehurst and Rockwell's Umair Masud present a water/wastewater case study at TechEd

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RAOTM Milwaukee, WI

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Claroty's Brian Richwine will join colleagues in Milwaukee, Wisconsin to share Claroty and Rockwell's joint security services

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Akron, Ohio

Claroty's Brian Richwine will join colleagues in Akron, Ohio to share Claroty and Rockwell's joint security service.

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RAOTM Indianapolis

Indianapolis, Indiana

Claroty's Brian Richwine will join colleagues in Indianapolis to share Claroty and Rockwell's joint security service.

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RSA Conference USA 2018

San Francisco, CA USA

Galina Antova will be speaking at the RSA Conference in the Ransomware and Destructive Attacks seminar track. Join us for her talk, "900 Million Warning Signs—The Growing Threats to Industrial Networks"

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Hannover Messe

Hanover, Germany

Claroty's Galina Antova and Patrick McBride join Siemens' booth at Hannover Messe to discuss ICS security and cyber threats.

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Industrial Control Systems Joint Working Group (ICS JWG), sponsored by the Department of Homeland Security

Albuquerque, NM USA

Diamond Offshore's Greg Villano and Katherine Brocklehurst presented Diamond's use case "Developing an Innovative ICS Security Program and Real-Time OT Monitoring Capability for Oil and Gas Infrastructures."

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Rockwell Automation On The Move (RAOTM)

Modesto, CA USA

As an Encompass Partner and technology engine for Rockwell's Threat Detection Services, Claroty participated at the regional Modesto RAOTM.

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Houston, Texas, USA

Galina Antova joined HouSecCon (Houston Security Conference) to share her thoughts on securing ICS networks, "Leveraging ICS Attacks for Economic Warfare"

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Rockwell Partner Network Conference

Orlando, Florida USA

Claroty joined Rockwell Automation's Partner Network Conference as an Encompass Partner, the core technology used within Rockwell's Threat Detection Services offering.

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Kudelski 2018 Cybersecurity Summit

Zurich, Switzerland

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13th Annual SANS Annual ICS Security Summit

Orlando, Florida USA

Eric Persson, ICS Consultant, CISSP from Claroty provided a talk to Summit and ICS Training attendees.

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12th France Israel USA Cyber Security Forum

Paris, France

Galina Antova will speak during the plenary session of the 12th France Israel Cyber Security Forum to share her strategic vision for the challenges of industrial cybersecurity.

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5th SCADA & Cyber Security Oil & Gas Industry

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Claroty joins the 5th Annual Cyber and SCADA Security for Oil & Gas Industry, presenting an oil & gas case study for "Driving Value through Visibility."

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2018 Taiwan Cybersecurity Summit

Taiwan, China

Claroty's partner International Integrated Systems, Inc (iisi) will present on global cyber threat trends and requirements for advanced industrial cybersecurity solutions.

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HERworld Energy Forum

Houston, Texas, USA

Claroty's co-founder Galina Antova will participate in a panel of thought leaders considering future challenges for energy markets.

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Houston, Texas, USA

Rob Nolan, CISO of Noble Energy shares "Driving Value through Visibility" with Claroty for network visibility and threat detection in their global business.

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Houston, Texas, USA

Galina Antova joins CERAWeek as an Innovation Pioneer in cybersecurity, delivering a TED-style talk on the critical role of cybersecurity to the future of global energy.

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South Beach Miami

Claroty won the 2018 S4 ICS Detection Challenge at this year's event, and in our spare time came in 2nd in the "Capture the Flag" competition. Great event each year by Dale Peterson and Liz Daley!

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ARC Industry Forum

Orlando, Florida USA

Claroty joined the 22nd Annual ARC Forum with Galina Antova joining a panel discussion and a great exchange on the value of visibility with Claroty's oil & gas use cases.

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Munich, Germany

Claroty's Patrick McBride and Maria Taberna, Director of Industrial Cybersecurity presented "Innovation and an ICS Security Case Study Q&A" faced by a global water lifecycle provider.

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S4 Europe - Anomaly Detection Panel

Vienna, Austria

Patrick McBride, Claroty CMO, takes part in a deep dive panel at Digital Bond's S4 Europe conference focused on anomaly detection for Industrial Control Systems networks 

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RSA 2017 - Innovation Sandbox

San Francisco, CA

Claroty was named one of the 10 most innovative companies of 2017 at the annual RSA security conference. Galina Antova - co-founder - presented the company's mission and solution in this video

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