Firewall Integrations with The Claroty Platform

Firewall integrations leverage Claroty’s domain knowledge to expand protection into operational technology (OT) environments.


Palo Alto Networks and Claroty - Securing Industrial Control Systems

The integration of the market-leading technologies from Palo Alto Networks and Claroty monitors and passes alerts of suspicious behavior to the Palo Alto Networks Next-Generation Security Platform to allow the creation of new firewall rules where necessary.


Water Supplier to More than 2 Million People Secures Operations with Claroty

A major U.S.-based water utility turned to Claroty to help assess and enhance security across its expansive and growing operational technology (OT) environment.


Global Food & Beverage Company Achieves Secure Digital Transformation with Claroty

The company had prioritized its use case to address the top three areas of risk that threatened the continuous availability, safety, and reliability of its production environment.


Chemical Manufacturer Secures Global Operations with Claroty

Achieving a comprehensive view of cybersecurity across its network of more than 60 chemical productions facilities around the world was a major goal for this chemical company.

Claroty & Firewalls: Why Integrate?

IT-OT Coverage through a single interface

Claroty leverages the broadest OT protocol coverage in the industry to provide firewall systems with a comprehensive view of all network assets and their attributes, processes, and communication patterns.

Claroty CTD automatically creates Virtual Zones based on learned communication patterns and subnets, thereby helping users create more-secure firewall policies and eliminating the need for heavy investment in physical network segmentation.

CTD’s five threat detection engines profile all assets, communications, and processes in OT networks, generating a fine-grain behavioral baseline that weeds out false positives and can help fine-tune firewall policies for optimal threat detection and automated protection.

Firewall Integration Partners

Claroty Integrations

What is the IT-OT cybersecurity gap?

Digitalization is transforming enterprises, connecting once-isolated OT networks to their IT counterparts. IT security teams are increasingly expected to protect these converged IT-OT networks, but since the OT portions of such networks comprise assets and protocols incompatible with IT security tools, they are largely invisible to IT security teams.

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How do Claroty integrations bridge this gap?

Claroty integrations make otherwise incompatible IT security tools suitable for OT security, enabling you to extend your existing IT security controls, capabilities, and workflows to your OT environment. The result is unified IT-OT security and visibility with a low TCO, no learning curves, no complex deployments, and no need for additional staff.

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