Water Utilities & Claroty

Leading water utilities organizations rely on Claroty to protect the availability, integrity, and safety of their operations and tackle top security and compliance challenges.


Water Supplier to More than 2 Million People Secures Operations with Claroty

A major U.S.-based water utility turned to Claroty to help assess and enhance security across its expansive and growing operational technology (OT) environment.


Introduction to Claroty

If improving security for your OT network is a priority or you just want to learn more about the state-of-the-art platform in industrial cybersecurity, this is a great introduction to Claroty.


Secure Remote Access: Data Sheet

Claroty Secure Remote Access (SRA) minimizes the risks remote users, including employees and 3rd party vendors, introduce to OT networks.


Global Food & Beverage Company Achieves Secure Digital Transformation with Claroty

The company had prioritized its use case to address the top three areas of risk that threatened the continuous availability, safety, and reliability of its production environment.

Challenge: OT Visibility & Monitoring Coverage

Most water utilities organizations have a large physical footprint with widely dispersed facilities and operations. This can make maintaining an accurate inventory of OT assets, as well as monitoring for threats, vulnerabilities, and risks to those assets—exceedingly challenging. Claroty CTD helps the water industry overcome these challenges.

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Challenge: Remote Access to Water Infrastructure

Pipelines, pumping stations, and distribution systems are among many types of water infrastructure that are often unmanned and thus require maintenance and auditing to be conducted remotely—whether by employees or third-parties. These conditions introduce considerable risk to water organizations’ OT environments. Claroty SRA minimizes these risks.

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Challenge: Fundamental OT Security Controls

Effective OT security in the water utilities industry requires controls that reduce risks to the availability, integrity, and safety of water operations. But this can be difficult given the prevalence of legacy systems, proprietary protocols, and unfamiliar assets in these OT environments. The Claroty Platform makes effective OT security attainable.

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Challenge: Compliance & Regulatory Requirements

Satisfying compliance requirements and regulatory guidelines can be uniquely challenging in the water utilities industry given its classification as critical infrastructure. Claroty helps leading water utilities organizations worldwide comply with mandatory regulations such as AIWA, as well as voluntary frameworks such as NIST, among many others.

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How Water Utilities Can Keep OT Flowing Smoothly

This blog details the top OT security challenges in the water utilities industry, how to tackle those challenges, and why the industry’s leading organizations trust Claroty.

Attack Attempted on Israeli Water Supply

In this blog, Claroty researchers examine a recently attempted cyber attack on Israel’s water supply and weigh in on the OT security implications for critical infrastructure.

What Water Utilities Customers are Saying

“We’re primarily a Rockwell shop and were really impressed with the continuous threat monitoring The Claroty Platform provides across our entire OT environment so we can remediate before it’s too late and with minimal impact to our operations.”

“[Claroty SRA] gave us confidence that workers who are offsite but need remote access to our systems can do their jobs without introducing risk. We even gained an unanticipated benefit: During the pandemic, we were able to pivot quickly to support the surge in remote staff.”

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