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Working at Claroty

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Our Mission

At Claroty, we are a team of the most outstanding and creative minds from the cyber security world, including both experienced professionals and engineers from elite IDF units. We work together to create cutting-edge technologies that secure the world’s most important operational infrastructures. With an impressive track record of awards and patents, we continue to grow and challenge the OT security industry. Come grow and make an impact with us!

We are a family of Doers

From tackling day-to-day challenges to solving industry-wide problems, we never stop until the job is done. Everyday we’re facing new opportunities to grow, learn and make an impact. Everyone has a place to express themselves, even our dogs!

We are one team

We share everything, from knowledge to ideas, and even homemade cakes. We are moving forward as a team while having fun along the way. We believe in having a fulfilling life and making time for the things that really matter.

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